Why book with us

Instant confirmation - unlike any other booking agent in Bali we can provide you with online booking and payment with instant confirmation.  You do not have to wait for days to know if you have secured your dream villa.

Service response time - There are many time zones in the world and we understand how frustrating it can be having to wait to receive a response to your enquiry, that's why we strive to respond to your initial enquiry within less than 24 hours of receiving your email or call.

wedding villas

Wedding Villas - we provide you with only the best villa options to celebrate your special event, all of our events villas have been tried and tested by our sister company Beyond Events to ensure the prestige venue you choose will only add to creating your unforgettable experience.

Villa selection - With years of experience in the Bali villa rental industry we are truly able to provide you with all the information you need to choose a your perfect villa. We personally visit each villa and have an understanding of the finer details.

Local knowledge - Beyond Villas is Australian operated and unlike many other Bali booking agents, we are based in Bali.  With a wealth of local knowledge we can advise you on suitable locations, Balinese culture holidays, climatic seasons, and many more aspects that may enhanced your holiday in Bali.

Transaction security - Your personal information and privacy is assured, as an online credit card payment facility is provided and protected by MasterCard, an online-hosted payment service with advanced security systems based in Australia.

Customer service - Here at Beyond Villas we are passionate about provide excellent customer service, our management team have spent years as trainers in this field. We want to make planning your next Bali visit as easy as possible.

Please email us info@beyondvillas.com we really are here to help.